For life we need water and for that we need justice

Profit and Loss
Our world faces a water crisis and a justice deficit.
Our world faces a water crisis and a justice deficit. More than a billion people - a seventh of the world's population - lack access to safe drinking water. From Brazil to California to the Middle East there is a water crisis. In part this has come about as a result of climate change, severe droughts and gross mismanagement of water resources. Of one thing we can be certain: the crisis felt in some parts of the world today will reach all parts of the globe in the coming decades.
Against this backdrop we have multi-national companies such as CocaCola and Nestle depleting local, desperately-needed water resources with their bottling plants and millionaires such as Donald Trump establishing leisure facilities and golf courses (which on average use 312,000 gallons or water per day) in locations such as Dubrovnik, Croatia, and the Californian desert.
The ability of the rich to devastate the environment at their pleasure, and get away with it, is what inspired my latest painting which I called 'Profit and Loss'.